Feature request: Consolidate patterns to new row

It would be an amazing creative tool to be able to with the use of a two key shortcut to consolidate all currently playing patterns (from the project to keep it simple…?) To a new row in the pattern view.

This would allow you to not have engage with interface so heavily while building songs. It would allow a musican to simply pick an instrument and build a section adding instruments until they wish to move on.
Then hit say 2nd + down arrow in the pattern view. Then all patterns that were playing or muted are left as is but duplicated to the next empty row. Playback automatically shifts to new the consolidated row.

So the song structure builds itself at the press of 2 buttons. No switching mental/creative brain space to do it.

If you could allow this to be controlled via midi or the footswitch then even better!

Ya dig?


Been thinking of this, and I really like it. It has some similarities to the workscene approach in a Cirklon, although not exactly the same. Especially if # of patterns will be expanded, this would be a really quick method of composing. +1