[Feature Request] Add sampler

Please add a internal sampler with individual inputs/outputs and main stereo inputs/outputs.


Hardly a feature request, given its completely different hardware, and would be a completely different product and market.

I think squarp would be better staying focused, there aren’t that many good sequencers - so still ripe for expansion.

Besides just add an external sampler and you can get what you want.


There was a nice thread last year with people chipping in on samplers that play nicely with Pyramid.


Maybe you should just buy octatrack?)


please add a bouncy castle to the next update :roll_eyes:

yeah, I’m pretty happy with the hardware (aside from the ram limitations). All this talk of touchscreens, multiple displays, sample playback… those boxes already exist. Get an ipad or an MPC or something.

I strongly feel that the hardware is pretty close to being brilliant just as it is. this thing truly is an extraordinary instrument. The OS leaves a little to be desired, and they’re working at it. So show some respect where it’s due (because no doubt their team works hard at putting out top quality gear), and quit asking for the moon.


Okay, okay, I’ll buy a Pyramid and a rack sampler. However, a Pyramid that contains a sampler with individual outputs and analog filters would be gorgeous.

Sample playback could be implemented actually, just by putting in playback, or reverse…
I find the request of putting a sampler in to an already made and in full sellings machine so pretentious that I have nothing to say now , while writing …
Do understand the ridiculous “feature request” you sent and think about it, what the hell you are asking.
Would you never write to KORG telling them: “hey modify this because I wanted like that”.

in answer to what @JimBrackpool sayd, I say:

There re leaks around about a new sampler coming.
Voices say its a 16 parts with dedicated stereo outputs.
And that its suited for both drums and notes.
voices say, but we may probably wait at least 6 months before to know something consistent.

keep an hear open, so.
Just saying from a one who is known here to be a pain in the ass with stupid questions.


What I would like more than ever??? ( some of you already knows this and already sent me to hell but , just because
we are in the circus I gonna tell it:

What would like more than ever for pyramid is not so far from the impossible request of an audio need but different way:
I would love and I imagine Squarp realizing a sort of an audio software with no synthesizer and neither sampler.
Just the screened sequencer of pyramid in a daw format with a time line, adding to the midi channels of pyramid new audio channels, and so
having some how the capability of visualizing the waves and volumes and crossfades of the external synths.
This way pyramid in studio would become a controller for the same software…
I see this mostly as a sort of composing add for the studio, and actually not necessary for live needs as we are supposed to have the hands on our hardware synths and drums. I don’t have much clear the idea , but I think is a much better view of a a audio/pyramid compared to what can be installing directly a sampler in to an already woking machine

Hi…as per my knowledge It has to do with the speed the controller starts at vs the BIOS in the sysytem the BIOS reports the com port on boot and looks no further to find the keyboard and gamepad and Windows installs just that. Magically, once windows has booted and you insert the device it sees the whole unit.

seo services

i love this thread.


this thread is a tangled mess. too funny.

It is comedy, but if Squarp made a polyphonic, multitimbral sampler you gotta believe I’d be all over that…

: )

When they fix the bugs in Hermod, I’m thinking I’ll migrate and then have loads of fun with it and my Disting. I’ve used the VCA and Sine/Square oscillator briefly, but until I get an Assimil8or, the Disting is a sampler. But imagine a Hermod running an Assimil8or?!?!?!?!?!?!

My thoughts exactly! Only thing holding me back from instant Hermod purchase is lack of probability/trig conditions per step… Without it I’m considering just getting a Yarns (cheaper/smaller) and use my Octatrack :confused: Hermod has a bunch of cool/useful stuff that makes it appeal though. Hoping Squarp are considering probability per step. Holding off on decision til last minute, just got a case and planning what I’m gonna throw in there… Anyone know if Squarp have commented on yes/no for this feature in future?

why not and er-301? :slight_smile:

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