Feature request: add ability to change note in drum lanes on per-step basis


I know we can assign the default note to be played on a drum lane, but it’d be great if we could hold a step and adjust that note on a per-step basis-- sort of like OXI ONE’s implementation. Is this on the roadmap?



I would like to see this too- it would be ideal for my DSI Tempest/Syntakt/Analog4/Digitone/Analog RYTM - which is a very musical drum synth , and capable playing in all registers. (And works as Analog Groovebox)

This is with the decoupled length of the automation lane, also my number one/two wish. (Sorry Drum Maschine Addict <-oO->)

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+1 to this

Holding a step and having the ability to lock a different note for that step would be amazing! my current workaround of using poly mode for melodic sequencing of my drum machine voices I want to sequence melodically takes me out of the flow of having all my rhythm elements on 1 track.

Drum instrument (kick, snare…) being triggered by MIDI note (on/off + velocity) I don’t see how you would also use the note to control the instrument pitch value with MIDI note information. I see this as a CC control (I do that for example to control a Jomox Airbase)
I probably am missing something though, can anyone elaborate on this?

That’s not how it works on say, the Syntakt, where each drum is on a separate channel, and pitch controls the pitch of the drum sample.

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hmm sure i’m stupid, that’s a must have feature, i get it now!

But nevertheless a great suggestion, that would allow perfectly timed backward samples with the off trigger.

I’ve requested this feature as well a while back! would make DRUM mode infinitely more useful to me!


yes! This +1