Ezmyrelda's contribution thread

This is the music I make… Anything posted in this thread by me is assumed to have been composed entirely within the Hapax and using it’s various features… I’ve switched to REAPER as well; Having come from a background of Live, and FL Studio use.

Enjoy. <3


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rad visuals. are you programming those from the pyramid too?

No, all though my self education would lend itself to doing it easily enough… Honestly, that would just take more money than I have to devote to that kind of purpose specific software… Like, resolume… that kind of stuff costs a grip… This was just “oh, hey… Reaper can actually export video… I own that… I’ll use what I have now.”. I just think it’s sort of tedious to have a video with the recorded screencast of what I was actually doing… and video of me poking at the pyramid… if it’s not going to be audio synced to what I was actually doing… I figured out how to render the playback of Reaper even if I start or stop the transport, so that’s what I’m gonna be doing next time… So… they are just pictures collage style pasted in to the video here and there.

i like the aesthetic between the clips.

I can definitely respect the “use what you got” sentiment. As a fellow pyramid owner i know i struggle with over complicating stuff and as a result putting stuff off… or worse… never.

pretty rad stuff

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Pyramid and Reaper: Process

This was for my Patreons and was what I was actually trying to illustrate in the last video. Not the most musically awe inspiring… but it was really just an example of the buttons I click and how that looks like staring at a DAW… Something for lay people.

As I listen to this, once I think my brain has an idea what it’s about and resolves to just groove with it, I get lost in it.

A short time later, I realise things have changed without triggering my brain - more like an evolution. Unexpected. Morph rather than contrast.

The flashes of found video feel like my brain is being reprogrammed like some episode of Black Mirror and suitably distract from becoming overindulgently cerebral.

well done!

Youtube short

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