Extracting Instrument Definitions

I’m wondering if there is a way to save or extract an instrument definition file from the Hapax without creating one myself beforehand. When I set up a track with all the ins and outs and go to the instrument def portion of the track menu I am only able to load a file and not save a new one. Is there a default template that I can load on the SD; edit on Hapax; and then be able to save? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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To my knowledge, no, you have to do it through a text editor, but you can base it on the template file or an already completed file.

I put in a feature request for this and the response was that this was not possible. It might be possible to decode project files and generate instrument definitions from the tracks, which would be just as good. I’d actually use that for existing instrument definitions to add automation lanes.

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As far as decoding project files, how would this work? Would this be a feature within Hapax, a text file with all the project data, a program on your PC to extract/decode project files? Would this seperate out MIDI data, effects data, automation data, tracks, etc? Interesting prospects.

Is there a blank template located anywhere for an instrument definition?

I’d like to start on definitions for my monologue and drumlogue but I don’t want to start from scratch.

In the manual under the Instrument Def section there are links to a blank template as well as some already created. I referenced them and was able to create some default style templates that set the inputs and outputs as well as track type (poly, drum) Worked out very well and was quicker to set up many templates on the computer vs the Hapax.

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