Extra CV for Pyramid. Breakout box likely?

I’m about to grab the rather pricey but excellent Shuttle Control for extra CV to control the modular. I did read somewhere that Squarp were planning a breakout box for the Pyramid.

Any clues if this is likely?


Expert Sleepers FH-1 is half the price of Shuttle Control

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Buy what’s available now. With the Squarp Hermod just released, I don’t think there’s another Squarp product in the near pipeline. I think that Hermod ended up being much more than CV for the Pyramid, and is now a standalone CV solution for Eurorack, rather than just expansion for the Pyramid.

Yes, that makes sense thank you! I’ve just gone and picked up the Shuttle Control, I think the combo will be more than I need for a while…I hope :slight_smile:

This seems quite popular as well.