External patch names to display in Pyramid

Is there a way to display in Pyramid the name of the patch that I select with a CC / program change message? Basically, instead of scrolling through CC numerical values, name those values somehow?

You can name a CC with definition files but program changes are usually done via the track with PC MSB LSB, and that just sends out the values but wont return the name of the patch from the synth… if that’s what you are asking?

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Yes, that’s what I’m asking - I know the patch name would not be returned directly, but was hoping for a manual workaround to have names displayed on the Pyramid instead of numerical values. As an example, the Volca FM (no MIDI out) with a custom firmware changes patches on CC 88, with the values mapped to patches on the FM.

I don’t believe there is a a way of doing that.
Definition files allow you to name a CC but not assign a name per CC value.

I’m just about to sell my Volca FM and I was also running the custom firmware so know what you mean. I found it annoying as the 32 programs were spread over the 128 CC values, but it was better that nothing.

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