External note input is being recorded when I am not in live or record mode

This one is really frustrating. I have a pattern recorded via an external input device using obviously live mode and rec on. I deselect both and go into track/pattern mode. I decide to jam a few notes over the top (same pattern as was previously recorded to). WTF - they are getting recorded.

I’m having This kind of problems with the live Mode all the time. Buggy Buggy Buggy. Contacted squarp 3 weeks ago. Only answer I got was “try another power supply”.

only thing I can think of is checking that pyramidi is turned off…
(perhaps one of your devices is sending some midi which is reenabling rec mode)

also if you have a pedal connected, then check that is not re-enabling rec mode.

(if you have rec-mode on but on a different track, but its recording on a previous track, then check the multi channel is OFF)

that’s the only thing I can think of if you have rec-mode off,

this is how I use the pyramid all the time, and never had it record over something unintentionally. I’m using the current OS - so I don’t think its a general bug, as it would affect us all…

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Yeah, sounds like something weird in your setup. Not ruling out the possibility of a bug, but it seems it would’ve surfaced before this if it was a major bug, as the OS has been out for some time now…

Check that you aren’t triggering pyramidi REC? (cc 66)

Pyramidi is off, no pedal connected, multitrack off. Has never happened before and nothing in the setup has changed. Not in live mode, record is not on. Current OS. Baffling.

That’s what I initially suspected too, as I have been on the current OS for a while now and performing the same task without incident, I have a Program Change message on several of the patterns, but none of them are cc 66 or at step level (just a generic PC at the pattern level.)

UPDATE on this issue. I have been in communication with Jean and yes it seems to be a bug. I have been forwarded an update to test, which will more than likely be rolled out in the not too distant future.
I have to say that I am impressed with the prompt communication and response. The good news for everyone is that they are still constantly working on improvements.