External keyboard recording

Hi guys i am new to the pyramid can i record sequences onto the pyramid from an external synth and what settings do i need to set it at ie midi there are so many options it is confusing are there any tutorials

have a look at the manual, in particular midi in settings…

generally ‘out of the box’, it will just work , you dont really need to set anything.
a keyboard connected to midi in (or midi coming via usb) will go to the active track

the most common option users sometimes want is the OMNI MODE (see manual)
if you want midi to go to a specfic track based on midi channel, you will set this to MULTI TRACK BANK A
this means Ch01 - Ch16 , go to track A01 to A16

(rather than all midi going to the active track)

BUT the pyramid is highly configurable.
you will have to read the manual to get familiar with it, and get the most from it.
if don’t you will get confused, and frustratd.

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