Extend length of track with notes, everything?

Let’s say I made a sequence, 2 bars long. How can I Extend it with notes etc? With everything? Sort of copy/paste length? Possible?

Another question,
How do you ge around a “glitch” when changing patterns with same synth, different program? Sometimes it gives a kick…


  1. There is no automatic way.
    When I want to make a pattern longer, lets say 2x. I go to STEP mode. Hold track and press Track+Zoom and select zoom size that everything will be on “one page” (on the 16 pads). Now press 2nd+Copy (this copies the whole page). Now I press and hold Track+Lenght and double the size. Go to next page with the > and press 2nd+Paste. Done. :wink:

  2. This isnt really the the sequncer that is doing the “click”. This usually happens when you change a program on a synth but the envelope of a voice is still open (sound is going). Simplest solution that would work across every synth is to make sure all the sounds have ended before switching programs.
    a) Make the notes at the end of the pattern very short.
    b) Use CC to automate synth parameters to kill sounds. Automate filter closings or decay shortenings.

Hope this helps :wink:


@joosep, thanks, of course it helped, you’re the best :grinning:

I completely missed the zoom function…at first complicated but does the job.

Thanks again

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