Export/Save Sequencer Data

Is it possible to export or save the sequencer information from the SD card of the Hermod to a computer, so I can load this up in a DAW?


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And/or vice versa, can I prepare a (number of) sequence(s) in my DAW or elsewhere, save it to the Hermod SD card, and play the composition? Especially interesting for me as I want to arrange classical music for modular synthesizer…

You can get your midi into to the pyramid quite easily if you follow these instructions. Initially complicated, but once you get the jest of it, quite easy and fast:

The topic is about the hermod , which does not have a midi import function - and accessing the
Sdcard requires removing the module which frankly is not a reasonable option.

Really the only option currently for this on the hermod is real time recording and playback, which is not too bad as we are only talking 8 tracks.

That said, would be nice if @squarpadmin could add usb storage support and then we could export to a usb stick.


So can I record the tracks from the Hermod into Ableton via the MIDI output port?
Im trying this but I am not getting any signal into Ableton

yes… I’ll answer more fully on your other thread :slight_smile:

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