Expert Sleepers USAMO with Hapax


Is anyone using USAMO to clock their Hapax from Logic? I’ve done the midi test and i’m getting all green results (finally!) but when I send the same midi to Hapax and press play on Logic the Hapax plays a note or two at half time (roughly) then stops. I’ve tried different midi in settings but cant get it locked and playing.

Has anyone got super tight results just sending an analog clock to their Hapax from Logic? Is there a way to do this? Surely that would be more likely to be jitter free and sync tightly without needing to use midi or the USAMO?

Any advice much appreciated!

Works great for me with Ableton. Ableton sends audio to USAMO, then USAMO sends midi clock to mioXL and mioXL distributes that clock to all outputs, including Hapax.

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Thanks, could you tell me your midi in settings on the Hapax? Did you have to change any other internal settings to get it to start/stop/sync?

Midi clock source is usb device, since it is connected to the mioXL using the regular usb cable.

USAMO is connected to one of the midi DIN inputs of the mioXL and routed to the Hapax

I’m using Ableton, not Logic.

I made a click track by recording the click from something which sent analogue clock.

Then I sent that out (DC coupled interface, MOTU ultralite mk3 hybrid) as audio directly into CV1 on the Hapax.

Took a bit of testing to get the offset right, but now its bang on. Absolutely in time, very little jitter. Compared to midi clock its far, far better.

No fancy hardware required, just takes a bit of time to set up and tweak.

One tip, press play on Hapax, then slowly raise the volume until it begins syncing. It may need to be turned up on the fader and on the sample.

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thanks, good to know!