Experiences using MPE with Hapax?


I would like to hear your experiences with Hapax and Linnstrument.

Can Hapax handle multiple MPE channels at the same time?
Does Hapax output MPE midi that works with your MPE synth?

Any bugs found so far?

I got Linnstrument and Hydrasynth, and thinking of getting Hapax!

As a Linnstrument player, there is one thing I would ABSOLUTELY need:
That the isomorphic layout of Hapax can be changed to 5 semitones between rows. By reading the manual, it seems that it is currently fixed at 3 semitones between rows (which is a rather odd choice, if you ask any linnstrument player). 5 semitones between rows is by far the most popular format, but why not be inclusive and make it up to the user what layout to use? (6 semitones between rows is also quite popular.)

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Thanks for reply,

Yes. I’m pretty sure that at somepoint its possible to even make custom layouts - seeing how well Pyramid has been updated!

Oh, and I should have mentioned: It is not just Linnstrument that defaults to using 5 semitones between rows. Also Deluge, Novation Launchpad, Native Instruments Maschine, Geoshred (ipad), Abelton Push, Bitwig and probably more.

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5 semitones between rows, ie. a perfect 4th, is how the bass guitar and the lower 4 strings of guitars work as well, and I’d imagine is something that Hapax will need to support so that people don’t go running through the streets with pitchforks and torches :fire:


Hi !

It’s not fixed, it’s a parameter of the Live mode:

Rotate encoder ③ to set the row jump.


While we’re on the topic of the Linnstrument, am I right from reading the manual that the Hapax will power the Linnstrument via its USB port? It doesn’t mention anything about a power spec for client devices. On the diagram on the main page it might be that the host and client MIDI ports are cross-labelled? I would normally plug the Linnstrument into the USB-A port, not the USB-B port. In the manual they appear correctly labelled.

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 9.16.44 AM

Also, I know the Pyramid allows you to attach a foot switch to enable and disable recording for live MIDI looping. Is there a similar functionality on the Hapax?





Ah, excellent. :ok_hand:t2:

Ive not used with the Linnstrument, but Ive been testing with an Erae Touch … and its been working very nicely :slight_smile:

Ive primarily been using (various) soft synths inside daws, mostly Ableton 11 and Bitwig…
oh, and also VCVRack which is starting to become a favourite of mine.
all working fine.

multiple channels - so I presume you mean can you have multiple MPE tracks.
yes, Ive had multiple MPE tracks, you need to assign them different hardware outputs… as each track uses all 16 channels - e.g. I can have tracks using DIN1-4, USB device/usb host

thats pretty much perfect for hardware !

but when using with a computer , it would be nice to have support for USB ‘ports’, so that you could sequence multiple mpe tracks thru the one USB port.
Ive raised this as a feature request to Squarp… so perhaps for the future.

overall, yes it works nicely for MPE.

currently its mainly about recording/playback, but Im looking forward to Squarp’s plans for per note editing … I think this will make it the first hardware sequencer with ‘proper’ MPE support !

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I’ve broaden the title a bit to reflect other possibilities:)

And here is my setup today …


Thanks for sharing! It looks like the control panel of an alien spacecraft :alien:

What is the controller with the light patterns below the Hapax?

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this is an Embodme Erae Touch

another great French product… amazed about the music tech coming out of France at the moment. :fr: