Example of patterns and sequences for drums

I have been mining some songs form last year and here is another simple example using Pyramids combination of live recording/midi effects/ and pattern sequence mode - all recorded with my old rompler into an irig to voice memos iphone.


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when you say live recording + pattern sequence iā€™m curious to imagine your workflow. would you be willing to elaborate on your process in this exploration? Also, what midi effects were you using? I use only one midi effect (lfo cc) and i need to break out. fun little track.

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Sorry I just realized I never responded to this - partly because I couldnt remember that well!

I think I just meant some of the drum parts were classic pattern sequence and some live finger drummed on pyramid or the bass part was played live on midi controller - like just a mixup of quantized and unquantized.

The midi effects i was using were probably arp, random and swing. i really like applying the super simple arps as delay like type things to an old rompler with the ability to shorten the note length it brings out fun properties in the patches.

as far as patterns go - i think it was pretty straightforward / though I am trying really hard to resist what comes very natural with a sequencer which is to make a solid part like a brick and then kind of make alternate parts by taking that brick into pieces. I would really prefer to find other methods because the duration of a song makes no sense to me intuitively.

jealous of the pyramid midi collab/ just had no time to contribute - next time - excuses!!