Eurorack front end for the Pyramid: Polyend Poly 2

As both a longtime Pyramid and eurorack user, I wanted to put some light on what I am finding to be the best module for using my Pyramid with eurorack, the Polyend Poly 2. I’m certainly not trying to sway anyone from buying a Hermod, but as an already existing Pyramid user the Hermod has always struck me as overlapping too much with what I’d already have done with the Pyramid. Consequently, I’ve thus far used other midi to CV modules (MI Yarns and Hex Inverter Mutant Brain), but the Poly 2 renders all other options pointless with the Pyramid.

The main reason is that the Poly 2 will both power the Pyramid from your rack and allow up to 8 CV/gate pairs from it, allowing you to power the sequencer and use the USB midi tracks to sequence your modular, leaving the physical midi ports on the Pyramid free for other gear. Any of the outputs you’re not using for CV/gate can be used for midi CC<CV, leaving quite a bit of modulation options from your Pyramid.

I’ve been playing with this for the last week, and it’s really everything I’d hoped for when Squarp first announced that they were making a eurorack module. As a Pyramid user, I’m finding this really allows me to unleash the full power of the Pyramid in euro.

Arguably the only thing I’d want for are more outputs (which I believe the original Polyend Poly V1 has)…I’ve not yet actually found that to be an issue for me but I’d always prefer more, of course. The Expert Sleepers FH-2 could accommodate that with expanders to my knowledge, but would require both setup (the Poly 2 is literally plug and play from the Pyramid, and easy to adjust from the module), and I’m not sure that it would power the Pyramid like the Poly 2 does.

Anyhow, just wanted to throw this out there since I’m not sure anyone else has tried this combo, and it works so well that it shouldn’t be overlooked.


I agree. I use a Pyramid with the Poly 2 and it works quite well. No dis to the Hermod, but like Accent says, Hermod duplicates a lot of the functionality of the Pyramid. Poly 2 can do 5 channels of Gate, CV, Velocity, Mod and Aftertouch. Great combo.

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