Euclidean + MIDI Fx for Dummies (Me being the dummy)

Okay, so I imagined that if I created a Euclidean Track, that the MIDI Fx would work as expected. Things like Delay and Harmoniser do, but Chance, specifically the Sync Chance parameter, does not.

Is this a bug I should report or is this expected and my confusion is based on my ignorance of Euclidean Mode?

To duplicate:

  • Make a Euclidean Track
  • I did a few knob twisties and ended up with Note Events on 1, 5, 8, 11, & 14.
  • Add MIDI FX: Chance, Chance % anything lower than 100% (heck, test it with 0%) and Sync at 1/4, Sync Chance 100%, and Apply Per Note.

The expectation is that Note Events 1 & 5 will trigger following the Sync Chance %, but other notes will follow the Chance %. This is what happens if I create Note Events rather than using Euclidean Mode. However, in Euclidean Mode, all Euclidean Notes seem to follow the Sync Chance % irrespective of what beat division they land on.

As example:

  • Create a Track in Step Mode with Note Events on 1,5,8,11&14.
  • Add MIDI FX:Chance, Chance % to 0, Sync at 1/4, Sync Chance 100%, and Apply Per Note

Only Events on 1 & 5 will voice.

Is my expectation incorrect or should I submit this?
What are your thoughts?