Euclid-tracks miss incoming midi in multitrack mode

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My Problem: I try to feed different Euclid tracks with different Midi Note Feeds to make them individual Note Changes running their Euclid pattern.

So i turn on Multimode Bank A. I set up three Euclid tracks and three corresponding Midi DAW tracks.

Each DAW Track correctly only reaches the corresponding Pyramid track, Midi data is correctly no longer all mixxed to the selected channel.

But i get Midi in on the corresponding Track ONLY if i select it.

I select Track 3, i get Midi feed from DAW 3, select Track 1 i get Midi feed from DAW 1, but always the other two stop listening to the incoming Midi? Why? isnt that wrong?

How can i get them all listen at once?

If anyone can help …
all the best from Frank Zappa Street,

tried a bit around, when i use tracks which are NOT in the Euclid node, they recognize the correct incoming midi channel even not selected.

well, seems to me, that there is no way to let more than one euclid-tracks notes bounce in a dedicated way at the same time. …

i had the idea to ger at least two of them listen, by linking one euclid track to the transpose track, and another to a daw midi track by selecting - but then strangely the transpose track (in note mode) reacts different as a “normal” note tracks, it also doesen`t listen the incoming midi in my case.

shure, still i can use on transpose track recorded midi notes + one DAW by select the other euclid track. but then i cant change into the transpose track driven track for twinking the euclid parameters, without losing harminic midi track of the second running. ah nerd shit.

well - would be a powerful tool, if you have a set of euclid midi warriors live-twinkable in the squarp, and you just need to set/adjust the hamonic behaviour from a outside sequenzer.


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