ETA for new Hapax firmware?

Hello Squarp folks!

It’s been about 6 months since we’ve seen a large update to the Hapax firmware (OS 2.0). Just wondering if we can expect another feature rich update any time soon? I personally had an extensive list of feature ideas I submitted after OS 2.0, as well as many others from other users here.

Thank you again for your dedicated support of this amazing sequencer! Y’all are awesome and I’m proud to be a long time supporter of Squarp Instruments.



Given how much time it’s been since the last update, I’m hoping that the next version will be a significant one. This “pause” is definitely building anticipation. A few days ago, I submitted a list of features I’d like to see in a future update. Keeping my fingers crossed at least one of those requests will make the cut.

Fingers crossed for PolyAT.

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