Error4 save failed

had my pyramid for about 2 weeks and I get the error 4 save failed quite often. I quickly figured out to save as a different file name but reading old posts about it, it shouldn’t be that common or frequent. Plus I’ll end up with a bunch of extra project files to delete.

My memory used is 44k (is that used or remaining?)
I have an instrument on like every channel on usb, mid a and midi b so I don’t know if I’m just overloading it or is it just one simple thing causing it?

should I first just try a different sd card then the one included?

you might as well try with a different sdcard if you have one (or format the one you have)

generally, Id contact squarp via the contact form , as you say shouldn’t be happening - and if you are able to help them reproduce then perhaps it can be fixed.

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Thanks I’ll do that. Good to know it isn’t a common bug I have to just live with. First I thought it was because it didn’t like me saving while it was playing but still getting the error so that’s not it.

Ahh :slight_smile:
sooo…I also had just one other issue of sequences disappearing from a saved file.-Looked it up here and saw 1 post describing the same issue and what was the advice? “FORMAT THE SD CARD” ,which he hadn’t done (and I hadn’t either). So the only 2 issues I had? same simple advice and ah-ha! it’s been smooth sailing since.
And here i thought I was overloading it cuz I’ve never had anything able to handle EVERYTHING.& omg WOW. I had been going thru a ‘musician midlife crisis’’ I was in a real rut. The music and ideas that had always flowed in my mind were gone. Even if I’m content with the compositions, I’ve played them so many times for sooo many years now. I needed something to break my methods and formats apart
& wow. wow. WOW
there is now a plethora of ideas and inspiration swimming in my head now that I know exactly it can do. I haven’t felt this much excitement since my first real band when I was 18 … the vision is clear and I have so much to do now…
I don’t just love my Pyramid im IN love( ready to leave my wife for it)


cool really glad to hear you have got it sorted , and your inspired :slight_smile:

it’s worth bearing in my sd-card do fail…
some more than others. don’t use cheap ones!
frankly, I only ever use things like sandisk these days, dirt cheap for small ones you need with pyramid,
and I’ve never had an issue with my san disk sdcards, even for video footage.

sd-cards have a limited write-cycle (its quite a big number though), but of course, individual cards can fail before that number.

also be aware, that formatting may fix it for a short while , because you are writing to different regions on the card - but may fail again… but who knows it this’ll be 1 week , or 2 years.

again, due to price - frankly, if I had a sdcard causing an issue - id probably bin it, and use a new one.
just to (hopefully) avoid future frustration.

another tip … where possible, I always format an sdcard on the device thats writing to it, rather than on the PC/Mac - it shouldn’t matter… but, on some devices, it does.

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Yup well 2 days and yes, I’m still having the issues lol… so thanks your reply was the perfect thing to read. I’ve contacted the support and thanks for the advice. I am sure it’s just the card and it’s easy enough to try a different one (i was using the one it came with).
from the get go I’ve been using every midi a,b and usb tracks so it thought I just overtaxing it. And of course there could be one thing set wrong I’ve missed. But it does sound like a card issue.
Either way Ill get it sorted and in the meantime I can workaround backing up often to the pc.
I know I don’t need everything at once but I’ve always to wanted just have every studio option I have always available for whatever whimsy without need to setup -not a requirement, just a dream! I will reduce to just a couple of mono synths for a few days to also rule out any other potential culprits.

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