Error Message 8

I am attempting to load from song flies from the SD card and I get an Error Message 8. Otherwise I believe the unit is functioning ok. I just can load or save anything, lbvs!

Error message

Please help.

Do you have access to a windows computer or a mac computer and an sd card adapter? I ask because my first suggestion would be to back up what is on the card, Reformat it and then re-add the backed up stuff from the back up folder on the SD to see if that helps… I haven’t had my first coffee of the day so I’m sorry if this is hard to grok… Please reply back and we’ll see if we can sort this out.

it you can load/save other projects, sound like the project is somehow corrupt.

there is a backups directory, which should have the last saved version.
you can copy that to the top directory (with new name) and see if that loads.

but your best bet is to contact squarp via their contact page…

you can then provide them with the project directory and they can take a look to see what is wrong, and if there is anything to salvage from it.
also they can hopefully tell you if its was caused by a bug, or a hardware issue (e.g. with the sdcard)

really given its just an error message there is nothing else to go on, except trying the backup.

Ive detailed in the past more information about project structures etc, if you want to dig into that, but it’ll unlikely yield anything useful

so… back to point 1 :slight_smile: … contact squarp via thier contact form :slight_smile:

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