Envelope or LFO output via USB

Is there anyway to get an envelope or LFO to output via an expert sleeper FH2 plugged in via USB?

I already know envelopes or LFO’s can be sent out via the Hapax CV outputs, but the FH2 is in my rack with my other modules, and it would be sweet to keep everything patched within the case and just one simple USB cable going from Hapax to FH2.

Yes, I have a similar set up. Just set an LFO or envelope on Hapax to modulate a CC value that FH-2 is listening for, and FH-2 will output it on the corresponding convertor.

Thank you, that works great. I’ve got an FH2 and two CV expanders. I guess I should get more familiarized with the FH2’s built-in screen for configuration, so I’m not constantly swapping USB between laptop and Hapax for editing configuration settings.

And sending envelopes to a VCA from the Hapax is sweet too!

Thanks again!

On a sidenote, it would also be awesome if you can select in addition to the cc value, the MIDI channel as well. Maybe a future update?

With the FH-2 I’ve found it most useful to save a bunch of handy configurations built using the web tool, then I can just load them from the device at will. I have a few for Hapax which have the expanders listening for CC matching a Hapax instrument definition (with various polarities/voltage ranges), with versions where the main module has different configurations of 1v/Oct, Gate, Envelope etc. Haven’t had to plug it into the laptop for a while now!

Regarding FH-2: I can warmly recommend scrapping the web-editor and only edit on the module itself. In the beginning it may feel clumsy (and the achitecture IS kinda clumsy :smile:) but you will get used to it, and not needing a computer for it is very liberating. The moment it strikes you to change anything in the FH-2, you can just do it right away. I like it so much better this way.

Yeah, I’ve delved into the built in editor on the FH2 unit recently. It seems pretty straightforward and easy. The only part that seems a bit confusing at the moment is the midi mapping section, but I’m sure I’ll figure that out in due time.

I submitted a feature request for more envelope destinations a couple of weeks ago. Squarp got back that they’re looking into it.

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Don’t have a modular anymore but the FH-2 was among my favourite modules along with a bunch of its expanders. While not much fun in the beginning it really pays off getting to know the configuration interface. It can generate very interesting LFO wave shapes, all clocked or free running and easily morphable via Midi CC. And envelopes of course. I controlled it with the Octatrack, but it was a pain to remember which CCs did what on each track. Would have been amazing to have the Hapax.

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