Envelope + Decay

Anyone find it hard to use the Decay parameter? I want to make samples sound shorter but turning the envelope knob CW doesn’t seem to do anything. I know this sounds counter intuitive, but I feel like the higher the value the shorter the decay. Basically the inverse of how it currently is implemented (I think).

I use the Envelope parameter.
But I use an Event Processor to translate MIDI Key Velocity to adjust that.

I haven’t verified with the latest OS, but I don’t remember it shortening the sample. Mostly it made the attack sharper at higher values, and then almost sound like a reverse sample at very low values.

If you want to make a sample shorter, well it will cut off, but you can change the Run Mode to “Gate High” perhaps?

I think env and length work together.
( at least that’s how I’ve used them)

So you can shorten the length of the sample , then you can use ‘extra decay’ to fade the sample out rather than end abruptly.

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Thank you for mentioned the Length parameter.
It fell under my radar and I’m “doing a thing” today that could really use that!
Thank you - that is wonderful

Your welcome …
Funny I was playing with this today, and learnt the trick to turn slicer to free!

By default start and length assume you have sliced beats into 16… which is cool, but not what I want usually, as I want finer control over length.

It’s a pity I really wish ‘slice’ mode was stored per kit, rather than a global setting - as its more a sample attribute than a global one.

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Oh that makes sense. I’ll give that a try.

And re: saving settings - I think settings should be saved per kit as there is a lot of settings in there which would benefit being on a kit level. Maybe there could be 2 settings menu Kit and Global - so things like VUMETERS would live at a Global level whereas things like CV IN / LAYERS / ANTICLIC / QUANTIZE etc would all be on a Kit level.

I’ll send in a suggestion.

Thanks TechnoB!

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Things like slice mode perhaps would be best ‘per sample’ … perhaps part of the naming convention ?
eg if it’s starts with S it’s assumed to be sliced

Basic assumption here is simple, when you prepare the sample you know if you have set it up for slicing or not.

That’s a good point - and a good solve.

So I tried this with a longer sample and… it feels a little too subtle. The amount of decay added at it’s maximum setting seems very minimal - perhaps a second at most?

EDIT - I wonder if Decay is set based on sample length - so a 10 second sample would have a longer decay at max?

EDIT 2 - I put a longer sample in and it still seems to be about a second of Decay. Would be great if this was longer (probably a % of the sample length).

Also - the more I use the UI the more I would like the option for the knobs to jump to the knob value - they’re quite small and stiff to turn. And I really hope they can store the last Kit you were on at power down. It’s a real pain having to navigate all the folders - I’ve put my own kits at the end (Z0, Z1 etc.). Will have to readdress my organization.

Yeah I felt similar about decay and also length.

My first ( not deep) thought, is perhaps they are linear, and might be better being exponential.
( so you get more control at smaller values)

I’m sure Squarp would love to hear suggestions via the contact form.

I sent a few suggestions yesterday - though I probably didn’t describe it quite as well as you just did :slight_smile:

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