Entries in core.pyr

I recently loaded midi files to the SD card and then spent hours to find out, why Pyramid sends out an unwanted PC, resetting the patch on Ch1 each time I press the stop button. No program change values in the midi data. Then I looked at the core,pyr file, and there I found something: the entry : „default PC XXX and default MSB XXX“. Deleted them, now it works. Still wondering which function may write this into the core file?

If your instruments send PGM change messages and Pyramid is set to receive then they will be written to the track settings. Check 2nd + TRACK.

Hope this helps :wink:

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@Synthfox - I have not been able to load midi tracks, how did you do it? No-one is answering my questions… Do I have to separate my midi-file to multiple files, one track at a time?

Yes, that I had not in mind, was the thing.

If you want to copy a midi file with multiple tracks to Pyramid: you have to load it into a DAW or midi program like Anvil Studio. Save each track separately as midi mode 0 file, name them track01.mid or track02.mid and so on. Put them into a folder on the pyramid SD-card, called PYRA_mysong or so. Copy a core.pyr file from a folder created by Pyramid (works best wit a newly created song) into your PYRA_mysong folder. Put SD-card into pyramid and load “mysong”. Little bit tricky, but you`ll get used to.

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Thank you, @Synthfox! You have no idea how I am struggling with this… I was hoping there would be a utility that enabled a person to save a midi file to tracks, but no avail :slight_smile: