Entire track volume midi cc


How can i change the volume of an entire track with midi cc without drawing an automation with the trackpad or parameter locks (does this only change the volume for the selected step?)


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Generally putting a CC value on a Step is not like a parameter lock where after the step it returns to a previous value. So, sending CC07 should set the Volume on most synths (check you synth’s MIDI Implementation Chart if in doubt) and if there’s nothing in the synth to change the Volume and no other CC’s to modulate it, then it should stick.

Note: for just a temporary change, you can quickly Assign an Encoder to adjust Volume until you get to the value you like. Then touch the Encoder and the window should display the value.

Further, some synths also use CC11 Expression to control Volume, so you can set a master Volume level for the synth and then use CC11 to modulate volume within those values.

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Thanks! You where right, i just needed to and an empty step on the first one and the parameter will change linear in the entire track :grinning:

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