Entering Notes with the Grid Pads?

Is there a way to enter notes with the pads?

I also have the Analog Rytm Mk2, and there is a chromatic mode where you can live record notes using the pads, is there a comparable input method on Hermod+

If not, what are the chances this gets added in firmware?

There’s no live keyboard mode currently, but +1 from me, would be amazing! especially with the nice new pads. I imagine that might be tricky to fit into the UI though.

in step mode, you could toggle between step and chromatic, you could add it to the encoder menu, under pattern generation as “chromatic keyboard mode” This makes the pads a keyboard that you could play and you could live record the notes in.

There would need to be an octave up and down button combo, maybe in chromatic mode X and Y can be an octave up and down.

On the Elektron box, it has 4 octaves you can scroll up and down thru.

They basically need to copy Chromatic mode from ARmk2 haha.

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I just watched loopop’s review of Hapax, and Squarp def knows how to create a play surface out of the grid. the functionality 100% exists in the scope of their development. The grid seems a bit underutilized for how much real estate it takes up. I’m not sure the grid or the HP makes sense if it’s only a step indicator for the sequencer. The previous button config could have done that, and an mk2 version could have been smaller…I point all this out because I have to believe that playing notes on the grid HAS to be on the road map otherwise the grid doesn’t make a ton of sense IMO.

Someone on their Instagram asked if we’d be able to play notes with the grid, and the admin said we would, so to have that not be the case is a little odd.

For the record…

Yeah I readed that comment too and was thinking it was already implemented. Hopefully in later firmware. They are pretty good with firmware updates in general

For the record, that comment thread was a misunderstanding.

What is implemented is Row editing, which is what our comment was referring to.

We later understood users were talking about using the 16 pads grid as a MIDI input device (or as a shortcut to program a specific note in), which is not implemented.

I appreciate the response, Jean ended up giving me an RMA to return it, but the return shipping from USA to France was over $100, so I just today finally sold it on Reverb at a loss, but not as bad as shipping it back. I def will never buy direct internationally again, That was a lesson learned for me.

I own Rample and I LOVE IT, so I’m not a total hater, I sent your feature request email address (I think Jean too) a plausible way to implement a ‘live keyboard mode’ hopefully they use some of the ideas. I think Hermod+ is going to be great for people that already have a midi controller. It’s a far more powerful brain in that kind of set-up. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of setup, and that IG Comment from Squarp heavily influenced my purchase. I just don’t think an expensive sequencer should NEED another $200 external controller to get the most out of it. I ended up getting Endorphines Ground Control and that is exactly what I needed.

Good product, just not for me, wishing everyone peace and love. :v:

Just for the record, buying a hermod + additional midi keyboard would still be cheaper than a Ground Control (and more powerful). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I do agree hermod really would benefit from being able to use the pads as a live keyboard somehow. Hopefully they implement it at some point.

I got my Ground Control brand new for about $50 more than Hermod+ after currency conversion. If I had gotten a keystep 37 or pro, in both cases combined, it would have been more than Ground Control. It’s all good, I still love my Rample!

Hi !
Any news about this feature implementation ? I’d like to replace my Metropolix with a more conventionnal sequencer, but i don’t have any way of entering notes in my eurorack, especially polyphonic sequences.
This feature would be my only way of using Hermod+ the way I want.
Thanks !

I bought a super cheap M Audio midi keyboard to keep in front of me and it works great via usb.