Endorphin.es Shuttle Control noise?

I’ve been using my Pyramid with an Endorphin.es Shuttle Control to great success. I’m having a big issue that Endorphin.es has not been terribly helpful with.

Depending on the pads that are lit up, I’m getting a constant tone of about 247 hz (B3) coming from some of my modules. Shuttle Control shouldn’t be dumping that digital noise into the power bus, but the Shuttle Control should also not be causing that. Do I have a defective unit? Powering externally isn’t an option and I’m WELL within the specs of this Trogotronic m15 PSU.

Here’s a short video I did for Endorphin.es: https://photos.app.goo.gl/37Z2BBgH07kFAY0i1

Endorphin.es thinks it’s a ground loop, so I’ll be exploring options for reducing it.

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+1 from me. I have also experienced noise - haven’t measured the freq yet but the amount of noise rises with the number of muted tracks… I thought about a midi DI box kinda thing or a special usb cable that may do the trick… Any info on this is highly appreciated.

Just watched your video. Exact same noise here.

I don’t have the shuttle. But I get this noise when connected to ableton… Let’s dig deeper there - let me know if you have any info -so will I. Cheers

My rack: https://cdn.modulargrid.net/img/racks/modulargrid_554303.jpg

Use a Mini USB Y-Cable so you can charge with the regular brick. I got a ground lift board for the Shuttle, but it arrived broken. You can also try a USB cable that has a ferrite bead on one end.

Edit: Just realized your PC was the issue. Either way try a USB Y-Cable so you can charge externally or a cable that has a ferrite bead.


Will try both thanks

The ferrite bead made the difference - Thank you!

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