Encoder won't scroll through kits

I posted about this before, but the thread got locked after inactivity. I made a short clip filming how it is when I scroll through kits on my Rample. If I pull at the encoder, the scrolling works better, so possibly some sort of contact issue? Anyone know what could be causing it, and how to fix it? It’s very annoying! :slight_smile:

No one?

If you have eliminated the possibility of it being an sdcard issue - then, it seems like its going to be hardware issue with encoder.
I think we have heard of a few instances of this on the forum.

In which case, you’ll need to approach Squarp via the contact form

( I guess the other alternative is replacing the encoder yourself - but I’m not sure of the spec)

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thanks a lot, technobear! I’ll just reach out to Squarp via mail, see if they can help me there. :slight_smile:

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