Encoder doesn't work


My encoder 1 doesn’t work when I turn it. Pressing it still works but I can’t rotate and choose program changes in 2nd+track screen anymore for instance.

Is this a hardware problem or do I have to change a setting?

Thx and kind regards


Uh oh! So if it clicks, then I’m not sure the piece of paper trick will help here.
Have you removed and re seated the cap?
Try that, maybe the threads are misaligned?

If it’s fitting correctly and the potentiometer is moving, and it’s clicking, but not giving any feedback from turning it then something is wrong with the pot.
Contact Squarp via email asap and get it resolved. They’re lovely, and will totally help you.

Let us know how it goes please. What was wrong, and how/if you got it working.

Sunshine, what have you done about sticky buttons? My first and last notes on the keyboard stick when I press down, making it tricky for playing drum parts and such

I haven’t had any issues with sticky buttons.
But the first thing I would do is clean them on the surface, and if they are still sticky then this probably means some funk is down inside.
So carefully open it up, take your time, look before you do things, and then with a swab and some cleaning solution I would clean the surfaces, and maybe use compressed air as well. Air won’t do much without first opening up and cleaning the machine. It’s pretty well sealed.

I would not spray deoxit or other such cleaner into the Pyramid or the Hermod. I don’t know for sure, because I haven’t had to do this yet, but I once had a TR-8’s keys swell up on me during maintenance on the road in Florida - hot and humid. The material the buttons are made of sometimes reacts chemically with the contact cleaner, and so just based on that experience alone I would hesitate to spray anything but air into a soft button or array of buttons.

Clean the surface, then test.
Then clean the insides and clear debris from the contacts and see if that doesn’t do the job?

Maybe someone else has sprayed deoxit into their pyramid and can let us know if that swells up the keys and ruins it or not?

Hi Timstation, have you resolved the problem? I bought the pyramid 4 days ago and after update the main menu encoder is clicking but not turning. omg ! I’m devastated. I contacted Squarp team and try to load a previous os but nothing. Any help? Thanks.

Did anyone get this sorted? I’ve only had my pyramid for a few days but encoder #2 is already dead. Same situation. Clicking works, but turning the knob does nothing. Huge bummer, I absolutely love this machine, it does exactly what I need it to do, but the hardware / quality control / packaging seems lacking. Will contact squarp about a replacement I suppose but now I’m worried that this can happen again at any point and I’ll be stuck soldering a brand new machine as if it were some old vintage piece of gear.

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