Encoder Assignment PER track

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if the ability to map the 5 encoders with different CC PER track will be added in a not so distant future.
I saw that in the previous forum you mentioned it was a bug, but i didn’t find how to do this in PyraOS 2.3.

Just to round things up: I want to get the encoders to be assigned to different CC on each track, and not the same assignment globally.

old forum post: http://squarp.boards.net/thread/649/assigning-ccs-channel
Thank you!


Also very interested in this.
Per track encoder assignment would make a huge impact on performance.


Would it make more sense to have instrument definitions? Assign your instrument def to a track, and the CCs mapped in the definition are automatically applied. That would save having to reassign CCs over and over for every track.


I need this as well…please, make it next …

I was also surprised that this cannot be done per track. Would be fantastic but I suspect they don’t want to add more stuff and leave it. I am not using the knobs because I don’t have anything to control across tracks and synths. Per track assignment would allow me to control specific parameters where I know that changing them during a live performance that it works. This would keep me focussed on the Pyramid, avoiding fiddling with knobs on the synths.

Encoder assignment per track is in the 3.0 Beta. it’s activated by a setting ( in Misc I believe )


As @o_0 mentioned, in Misc Settings there is a “ASSIGN TYPE” option, setting it to “PER TRACK” will do the trick.

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Oh need to check that out " if possible per track / midi channel "

I was somehow surprised today having to share the 5 assignable knobs between all synths .
I use it mainly for program changes but the same knobs cannot be assigned to different channel …

@Misterp You know there’s a dedicated program change mode for tracks? just hit 2nd+Track, and the first 3 encoders are mapped to the current tracks’ program change, and bank messages.

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Hi , not sure to understand ?!
Pressing : 2nd and tracks ( can select name , Call , pattern and others )

But to assign the knobs I have to do it each time manually . As well changed now assignable to tracks ( instead to project ) .

Many thanks ! Somehow not able to change the banks from the pyramid to synth . The other way works better .

Assigning the knobs seems to work smoother between Roland’s hardware .

Many thanks . Appreciated your advice