Enable pattern by default?


Is there any way to just enable patterns by default when you load in a new track? It feels a bit tedious and unnecessary to have to enable patterns for every track when I do want them on every track, every time. :slight_smile:


you can save it as your default track settings, using save track info (note: its per track)

with the pyramid i think its expected that what you do is:
setup the pyramid tracks settings (and general settings) as you like for your normal setup for every track (e.g. midi channel, source, midi in modes, pattern enable, if to use mappings) ,
then use save-> save track info,
save-> save settings

these are used for the default NEW project.

if you want to have a different set of defaults, just save a few projects as ‘templates’,
then when you need these, load that template project, an immediately do ‘save as…’ so you dont later accidentally overwrite your ‘template’

(unfortunately not ‘protect option’ to stop this… but not too bad if you do it accidentally, as there is a backup on the sdcard you can grab )

this is at least how I use the pyramid… its great, its ready to go when its powered on (with defaults), but easy to switch to slight variations.

(in fairness, its pretty much the same way I use daws too :wink: )


Ah, yes, of course! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that, haha. Been doing that in Ableton Live for 10 years, haha. Awesome. Thanks a lot (again) for the info! This will make working with this thing even faster. Have only effectively been using the machine for a couple of hours, but have already made more music on it than a few months with Push 2 (which was a nightmare to use with hardware). Thanks again, it’s ace having you around on these forums! :slight_smile: