Elektron routing as pyramid slave

Hello friends, I want to know what I must do so that elektron digitakt receives the program change message from the pyramid squarp and can also silence it from the same
what kind of configuration and route should i have, thanks!!!


First off: PgmChg - On the Pyramid, [2nd] + [Track] gets you to the Track Options screen where you can set the PC (PgmChg) and, if necessary, MSB and/or LSB for Bank selections. To ensure your receiving device receives the information, make sure that both are using the same MIDI Channel.

As for ‘silence’ it, I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean to negate the PgmChg message? Or to Mute the Output of the Digitakt? After a quick glance at the Digitakt manual it seems that CC94 can Mute the Digitakt. That’s a matter of just sending that msg from the Pyramid. As it is a CC, the easiest way to enter this would be with Step Mode, IMO. Check out “CC Messages Step Mode” at https://squarp.net/pyramid/manual/modestep#ancre08 for a visual step by step. (Better than me trying to describe it, eh?) :wink:

If you want to negate the PgmChg message, that gets a bit more complex. In that case, I’d put the PgmChg as a CC Msg on a Track and Mute/Unmute it as necessary.

As for route, I’m not sure what you’re asking - a Pyramid MIDI Out needs to be connected to Digitakt MIDI In.

I use Pyramid to sync with octatrack, I like to sequence directly on the Octatrack so Program change sent through Pyramid basically changes the patterns on the Octa doing exactly like CreepyPants says. Also on your machine, not sure if digitakt is similar but you need to setup to receive transport and clock, I also need to activate Prog Ch. Receive and choose the channel.
Not to mess around by accident, I disable also in the octa the audio cc In and Audio note in. Like this in fact i cannot stop it from playing through Pyramid muting a track on it, just allows me to choose the patterns. What I do is to keep an empty pattern to make silence if I need to, I’m sure there’s a better way but I didn’t find yet.

ok, at the moment I work like this: midi channel out b in pyramid squarp goes to midi channel in digitakt … I have tried with all possible cc messages and none synchronize the program change and mute of the assigned channel, by the way I have it assigned to channel 11 of midi b

Okay, here’s a few things you can check from right off the top of my head:

  • are the channel out of the Pyramid and the receiving channel of the Digitakt the same
  • connection is Pyramid Out to Digitakt In
  • is the digitakt set to receive this information
    (I know the OT has a necessary setting)
  • the Pyramid has a MIDI monitor. Check that screen to verify it’s sending the data. (Settings -> Info -> MIDI Monitor)

The formula is:

  • Pyramid sends the data
  • Device receives the data
  • Device Peocesses the data

So make sure

  • Pyramid is sending the correct data on the correct channel
  • the receiving device is connected properly and set to receive the data
  • the data received is in the correct format (ie specific CC, Channel, etc) for the device to process as expected.

If you have access to a computer to run a MIDI monitor, that can help. Also, i dont know the DT. Verify what msg you need to send with the Digitakt MIDI Implementation Chart

thanks for your patience, well check the connectivity and it feels good, my problem is that I don’t know what cc numbers the elektron has and how to configure it in the pyramid, I need a step by step of this configuration since I am new with this digitakt, for now they are I have it connected to the midi in A to trigger the track that I make in the DIGITAKT through the pyramid squarp, but I am bored looking for the project in both devices to be able to work on them, at the same time not being able to mute through the pads del pyramid the track that plays on elektron

Appendix A of the Digitakt manual. :slight_smile:

one way is via Step Mode: CC Messages Stepmode