Elektron Analog Four definition

I only have an Analog Four Mk II, but this definition should work for Analog Four Mk I, Analog Keys, and Analog Four Mk II.

1:ModWhl MSB
33:ModWhl LSB
2:Breath MSB
34:Breath LSB
3:Perfor A
4:Perfor B
8:Perfor C
9:Perfor D
11:Perfor E
64:Perfor F
65:Perfor G
66:Perfor H
67:Perfor I
68:Perfor J
95:Trk Levl

16:Pitch1 MSB
48:Pitch1 LSB
69:Level O1
70:Wavef O1
71:Sub Osc1
72:PWidth 1
73:PW Spd 1
74:PW Dep 1

17:Pitch2 MSB
49:Pitch2 LSB
78:Level O2
79:Wavefo O2
80:Sub Osc2
81:PWidth 2
82:PW Spd 2
83:PW Dep 2

84:Sync Amt
85:Bend Amt
5:Slide Tm
87:Vibr Spd
88:Vibr Depth

75:Noise SHold
76:Noise Fd
77:Noise Lvel

18:F1Freq MSB
50:F1Freq LSB
89:F1 Resonance
102:F1 E Amt

19:F2Freq MSB
51:F2Freq LSB
90:F2 Reson
103:F2 E Amt

104:Attack AmpEnv
105:Decay AmpEnv
106:Sustan AmpEnv
107:Releas AmpEnv

91:Chorus Send
92:Delay Send
93:Reverb Send

108:Attack FiltEnv
109:Decay FiltEnv
110:Sustan FiltEnv
111:Releas FiltEnv
20:FEA Dep MSB
52:FEA Dep LSB
21:FEB Dep MSB
53:FEB Dep LSB

112:Attack 2Env
113:Decay 2Env
114:Sustan 2Env
115:Releas 2Env
22:E2A Dep MSB
54:E2A Dep LSB
23:E2B Dep MSB
55:E2B Dep LSB

116:L1 Speed
117:L1 Spd x
24:L1A Dep MSB
56:L1A Dep LSB
25:L1B Dep MSB
57:L1B Dep LSB

118:L2 Speed
119:L2 Spd X
26:L2A Dep MSB
58:L2A Dep LSB
27:L2B Dep MSB
59:L2B Dep LSB

6:Data MSB
38:Data LSB


Nice one !
Have you used the Squarp to sequence the Analog Four ?
How well does it work when used in this way ?

Thanks. I only just got both the Pyramid and the Analog Four MkII, so I’m still getting to grips with the UIs of both. There is some trade-off between sequencing the AF externally and using its own sequencer, but Pyramid is a nice product and definitely has a lot going for it.

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yeah fair enough. I’m in a similar position with the A4.
I think it’s possible to make it behave quite lot like an Mono Poly when triggered externally.
Just haven’t quite got my head around it yet… and the internal sequencer on the A4 is a lot of fun

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First of all, thanks for the Analog Four definition!!! Then…I have Squarp and Analog Keys and what I do, in order not to lose the AK’s own sequencer, is triggering notes from Squarp and those notes are mapped in the AK, so (for example) If I send a C3, that triggers an assigned pattern from the AK and If I send/press/play another note from the Squarp it will trigger another pattern from the AK. This way I use the Squarp (yes, in a limited way, but I have other synths without sequencer to have fun with all Pyramid’s magic) and I also use the p-locks, etc from the AK.

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Ah yeah, that makes sense. Good performance tool in which case.
Trying this out myself… It works well creating a separate def.txt file for each of the four tracks (using he above definitions)
I turn off all (other) channels (auto/fx/performance)
… Seems to allow me to have many of the advantages of the A4 without having to use the Electron sequencer (although can still be used for fx etc)