Effects on/off per pattern

So, lets say I have a bass track with an arpeggiator effect on - but on some patterns on that track I may want to turn the effect off. Dunno if that’s possible with automation, or if that has to be done manually?


Yeah, you can do with with an Automation lane.

You need to have the effect set up in the Effects bit, then the controls for it will appear in Automation, underneath all of the usual CC/CV/etc bits. You can use automation to change most if not all parameters, so you could even have different arp styles per pattern.

Ahh jeez I’ve missed that! Great, thanks!

You can also use “pattern values”, which is a sort of parameter lock per pattern. This saves the trouble of setting up an automation lane for a single value. This applies to MUTE as well.

See the section “Locking effect parameters to patterns” for more detail:


oh wow, I hadn’t noticed that