Effects crashing

Hi all, I have submitted a bug report but wondering if anyone else has encountered this – basically I have created a template song on my Hapax with 16 tracks assigned to 16 different midi instruments. Everything is working fine except that whenever I press the ‘effects’ button my Hapax crashes, every time. I tried to save the template into another song but still the same issue. I’m on the latest OS. Cheers

I don’t really think theres enough details for anyone to say if they have had this crash…
pressing the effects button, doesn’t general cause crashes, otherwise we would have heard alot about this… so theres ‘something else’.
are you saying this happens because you have assigned all tracks to different outputs, I cannot say Ive experienced this… can you reproduce it on a new/fresh project? perhaps some kind of project corruption?
… or some other factor?

hopefully if you send the project to Squarp they can get to the bottom of it…
when you say it crashes, what do you mean exactly?
does it bring up a message on the display?
does it just stop processing midi
or does the UI ‘freeze’

Id then also be looking at things like… do you have any effects on the tracks? does it happen when midi is coming in/out … are you syncing from an external source

hopefully the more specifics you can provide, esp, a clean reproducible scenario… the easier it’ll be for Squarp to find and fix.

Thanks Technobear, I just bit the bullet and created a new project and reassigned all the same instruments and this time it works fine! The only thing I did differently was I didn’t bother renaming the drum tracks with specific instrument names. The ‘crash’ was basically an entire freeze, no buttons worked. You’re right, there were way too many variables that could have caused the issue. Fingers crossed it’ll never reappear!

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yeah, this can sometimes be a UI freeze… i.e. the midi continues to work.
(obviously, you can only tell this if the transport is currently running)
I get the feeling use one of the (two) cpus for UI, and the other for midi processing.
of course, UI bugs tend to just crash the cpu responsible for the UI.
(though, sometimes everything stops too)

indeed its tricky, if you have been doing lots of things to know what causes the issue.
as I say, if you have the project, then if you send that to Squarp, it might be that can debug with it…
at least they can reproduced, without it, I fear there is little they can go on :frowning:
(its hard to fix something, if you cannot reproduce it)

the other issue with ‘generic crashes’ , is they can have different causes…
e.g. another user coming along saying it crashed when they press the FX button, doesn’t necessarily have the same issue… it could be just pure coincidence…
similarly, me saying, I press FX button and it doesn’t crash doesn’t really tell us anything :wink: