Effects Automation

Hi there folks, EQ to Hapax but loving it thus far. I wondered, how would I got about setting effects parameters differently on different notes? Is there P-Lock/Elektron style option or something else? Though I could just hold down a note to automate but doesn’t seem like that’s how it works. Many thanks!


This is handled in the Automation screen (blue button). Go there and then add a destination, scroll down the list and you’ll see entries for any effect on that track, and then you can program it on the grid.


In many cases, software instruments and plugins allow you to automate or modulate parameters over time. Look for a modulation section or automation features within EQ to Hapax. You may be able to draw in automation curves or assign modulation sources to specific parameters. Some plugins allow you to control various parameters using MIDI. If this is the case with EQ to Hapax, you might be able to use your MIDI controller to vary parameters on a note-by-note basis.

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