Effect Matrix Off set problem

Not sure if this has been mentioned already or if theres a fix/work around. Or if im being stupid. But of you set glide time to 0 and the set Glide Time as a desination in the Effects Matrix , gilde time jumps to 49 and modulates from there. It applies an off set and its not so subtle or useable.

Yeah, unfortunately you need to use attenuators and attenuverters to control the CV coming in.

I’ve asked @squarpadmin if any kind of control of the signal is possible but they said it’s unlikely.

I’m not sure why but I would imagine since the module is digital the issue is in how would you achieve this via the UI of Hermod.

If Pamela’s New Workout can achieve CV in control via a single knob surely Squarp could do it with multiple buttons and a knob?..

For me Mod Matrix is a killer feature which is seriously hindered by how it currently works.