Dynamic Quantizer

I have another idea. I’ve actually had this idea for a very long time, so I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned it, but I know others have mentioned something similar:

Allow the “Scale” FX to be controlled by another track. So, whatever notes were last played (eg. a chord) on the other track become the “scale” for this track.

So if I played C-Eb-G in track 1, any notes played on track 2 would be quantized to C-Eb-G (etc). and then if I played F-A-C in track 1, any notes on track 2 would be quantized to F-A-C. Basically, it’d be a fully functional dynamic MIDI quantizer. And being able to turn it on/off via ModMatrix setting would be amazing.

This plus the current randomization settings would give someone the ability to create completely musical randomness that is always guaranteed to be in the key of whatever’s being played on another track.

This would be amazing.