DUPLICATE function bug

Duplicate is not working as expected?
Works ok with the notes as they are being copied correctly to the duplicated bars.
Automation CC is not copied. What happens is that only the current CC is duplicated disregarding all other CC present on track. Also the data that is duplicated come from a second CC and not the one that should have been duplicated.
Anybody else experiencing this problem.
I’ve contacted squarp and they are investigating.
Pretty surprised no one else has reported this.

Also while experiencing this I was wondering if there is a way to copy all CC messages since there is no mono editing in CC mode? I suppose not.
This is an omission in my view.

As a matter of fact and remembering my dislike for Copy/Paste function to copy all events of the current page (even if POLY EDITING is on for notes) and after reading the corrected manual again someone would expect that when hitting 2ND + copy should copy all events of the current page regardless if they are notes or CC messages. But unfortunately this doesn’t happen for CC messages. Pyramid only copies the current CC in the current page.
So the we have the paradox that 2ND + copy for notes copies all notes regardless of the POLY/MONO mode and copies only current CC in CC mode with no way to copy all CC for a specific page and paste them to another page of the same pattern or another track or pattern.Pretty unfortunate!!