DSI Pro 3 Definition File

First timer here, not sure if I did this right. Let me know if you catch any mistakes and I can update it.

0:Bank SelCourse
1:Mod Wheel
2:Breath Control
4:Foot Control
5:Glide Time
6:DataEntry MSB
7:Midi Volume
8:AudioIn Volume
9:AudioIn Gain
12:Voice Volume
13:Para On/Off
14:Slider 1
16:FX1 On/Off
17:FX1 Type
18:FX1 Mix
19:FX1 Param1
20:FX1 Param2
21:FX1 Param3
22:FX1 Sync On/Off
23:FX1 SyncRate
24:FX2 On/Off
25:FX2 Type
26:FX2 Mix
27:FX2 Param1
28:FX2 Param2
29:FX2 Param3
30:FX2 Sync On/Off
31:FX2 SyncRate
32:Bank SelFine
33:FLTR Cutoff
34:FLTR Resonance
35:FLTR KeyTrack
36:FLTR Drive
37:FLTR Type
38:DataEntry LSB
40:VCA EnvAmt
41:VCA EnvVel On/Off
42:VCA EnvDel
43:VCA EnvAtk
44:VCA EnvDec
45:VCA EnvSus
46:VCA EnvRel
47:FLTR EnvAmt
48:FLTR EnvVel On/Off
49:FLTR EnvDel
50:FLTR EnvAtk
51:FLTR EnvDec
52:FLTR EnvSus
53:FLTR EnvRel
54:OSC1 GldRte
55:OSC2 GldRte
56:OSC3 GldRte
58:ARP On/Off
59:ARP Mode
60:ARP Range
61:ARP Relatch On/Off
62:Clock Divide
63:ARP Repeats
64:Sustain Pedal
65:OSC Glide On/Off
66:OSC1 Octave
67:OSC1 F.Freq
68:OSC1 Level
69:OSC1 Shape
70:OSC1 ShpMod
71:OSC1 Sync On/Off
72:OSC1 Slop
73:Noise Level
75:OSC2 Octave
76:OSC2 F.Freq
77:OSC2 Level
78:OSC2 Shape
79:OSC2 ShpMod
80:OSC2 Sync On/Off
81:OSC2 Slop
82:OSC3 Octave
83:OSC3 F.Freq
84:OSC3 Level
85:OSC3 Shape
86:OSC3 ShpMod
87:OSC3 LFO On/Off
88:OSC3 Slop
89:FDBK Amount
90:FDBK Tuning
91:FDBK DistAmt
92:Grunge On/Off
93:ExtIn EnvAtk
94:ExtIn EnvRel
95:ExtIn GainThresh
96:Data Inc
97:Data Dec
98:NRPN Param LSB
99:NRPN Param MSB
100:RPN Param LSB
101:RPN Param MSB
102:Ladder ResComp
103:StVarFltr Mode
105:LFO1 Freq
106:LFO1 Amt
107:LFO1 Shape
108:LFO1 Sync On/Off
109:LFO2 Freq
110:LFO2 Amt
111:LFO2 Shape
112:LFO2 Sync On/Off
113:LFO3 Freq
114:LFO3 Amt
115:LFO3 Shape
116:LFO3 Sync On/Off
120:All Sound Off
121:Reset Controllers
122:Local On/Off
123:All Notes Off
124:Omni Off
125:Omni On
126:Mono On
127:Poly On

I don’t know whether your definitions are correct, but you should be aware that you will not find this definition file to be as helpful as it could be, because the Pyramid truncates the displayed labels to the first 8 characters. Therefore your displayed labels for, for example, FX1 Param1, FX1 Param2, and FX1 Param3 will all appear the same on the screen.

Good to know, thank you. Will update it when I get some time.