Drum Mode questions

Hello everyone. So I‘m using my Hapax with my Alpha Base and I would like to set different notes / pitch per step for example the Mbrane voice of the Alpha Base which can act like toms. It would be great to play them „melodically“ while using Hapax‘ drum mode. Is there a way of achieving this? It would also be great to change the length of the sequence per instrument to create polyrhythms. Any way to achieve this? Thanks in advance!

This is not supported, and my recommendation would be to set up a different track for this “melodic” tom.
That’s what I personally do with my NordDrum3P

That’s currently unsupported.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply!

Do you also have the Nord Drum 3P set up so each drum/pad is using a different midi channel?

Is this something that “could”‘possibly be supported in the future?

Could you clarify which suggestion you’re talking about ?


Being able to play the drums melodically, especially being able to be locked to the chosen project scale.


In that case, while it would be technically feasible, it is not planned for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for the prompt feedback, and also thanks for building such an amazing machine :+1:t2:

I’ll drop in a feature request for this behaviour to be added via the right channels.


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