Drum mode "implied" swing?

I’m probably lost here but here’s what happen:

1 setup a 8-beats (1/2 bar) long pattern in DRUM mode, and a note at every step.
=> it “swings” (wait, what???) meaning my notes are sent 2 by 2, the second one triggering earlier than expected.

I do the same in poly mode => expected behaviour (notes are sent on every beat)

I am using a blank project, so no algo nor effects activated, no external sync, nothing. I’m using latest OS.

Am I doing something wrong?

When you look at the micro timing (uTime) for every note, are they all zero?

Are you using automation and a MIDI DIN cable?
It could cause issues with saturation of the MIDI DIN bandwidth.

@LarsDaniel all micro-timings at zero, yes
@Thibault_Squarp no automation on any track (I had first but then started again with a blank project).
I’ll post a video tonight to show you precisely how to reproduce.

Here’s a video where I reproduce it: Free Transfert - Service d'envoi de fichiers
Blank project, track 4 as a drum track. Ta. Tada. Tada. Tada. :slight_smile:

The only thing I can think of is either a forgotten SWING effect, or track/project quantization set to 1/24

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1/24 quantization it was!!! Didn’t see that coming! Thanks!!!

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Thanks for getting back. The suspense was killing me.:laughing:

Honestly, I feel like I have daily episodes of wtf?-ness with my whole system that has undergone so many changes recently.


Yes I get lost sometimes as well :slight_smile: So sorry about the “user error”!

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