Drum lane velocity question

I’m using an FH-2 to drive the percussion modules in my rack. The 16 differing velocities per drum trigger are a great idea but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Note 60 triggers a kick and an accent that effects one of the parameters of the kick. I assigned the pitch of the kick to the accent trigger but no matter which of the 16 different velocities of note 60 I play, the pitch never incrementally rises. On top of that the drum machine I use features an indicator that displays how many volts each CV input is receiving, when I play the different velocities of note 60 the indicator shows a full 5 volts regardless of the velocity.

Someone shed some light on what I’m doing wrong.

It works when I’m recreating this using the cv outputs on the hapax and works when I’m using midi if I create drumlanes for a hardware synth I own yet somewhere along the way the midi to cv conversion isn’t happy.

To be honest not sure if it’s the FH-2 or the Hapax but I’ve hit up both forums to try to make sense of this.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve just tested this on mine, with the lowest lane on the drum sequencer set to output to CVG1, then put in some random velocities and it works fine or me.

Have you tried connecting the Gate and CV outputs to a random synth voice to see if it changes the pitch?

When using the FH-2 as my midi to cv converter is when the velocities arent translating to voltage changes. When just using the outputs on the hapax it’s fine.

When using the same setup triggering an oscillator, the pitch doesn’t change with the differing note velocities.

The velocities on the drumlanes worked in my midi setup when not using the FH-2. Maybe on my FH-2 config I need to make cc 7 (or whatever the default general midi velo cc is) associated with w the accent trigger so it defaults to that control value.

Do you definitely have the lane output set to CVG 1 rather than just G or CV?

I’m using the USB device out not the CV/gate pairs.

Ah, ok, didn’t realise that. It does sounds like the problem is with the FH-2, then. Presumably it is picking up the MIDI over USB and just not processing it correctly?

you can use the hapax midi monitor to see what it sending i.e. that velocity is indeed what you expect
midi monitor

you could also check the hapax with another (midi) device, that responds to velocity.

honestly, sounds like its more likely to be an issue setting up the fh-2 than the hapax… but going thru a logical steps to determine the cause is the best approach to determine where your issue lies… so you can focus in on the correct device.

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Exactly. I’m starting to lean more toward the FH-2 being the issue. Or like I said the hapax has a certain CC its expecting to transmit when in drum lane mode and im not using that CC.

This was extremely helpful in determining what the hapax was putting out. Now I can atleast send this screenshot to expert sleepers and see what they say.

Just checked this on my FH2, it works, depends on how or what you are trying to achieve but here goes, from what I think you want todo.

FH2 screen should show you the midi channel/note/velocity coming in as you press the drum keys on the bottom line. Also Misc->Show MIDI history should show the midi coming in live.

Need to set up Midi/CV Converters like in 7,8,9 and 10 shown in the image from the FH-2 tool, each is mapped to a drum pad on my hapax.
For out putting a gate and velocity CV make sure you tick the per voice output for gate (if you want a trigger instead tick the trigger instead of gate) and velocity.

Note if you only have an FH-2 and no expanders then set it like this. Which will give you a gate on output1 and velocity CV on output 2

From your image above channel should be 9, Note range 60,60

I guess I never really considered using the midi/cv portion of the configuration, as stupid as that sounds given my issue haha. I use that portion of the config for synth voices but I’m glad you pointed that out and certainly going to try this when I get home.

I do use the outputs on the FH-2 for CV specifically so I’d like to keep the drum trigger and accents on the FHX-8GT outputs, which is why I completely skipped the midi/cv section and when straight to the trigger assignment section when configuring.

I have assigned the accent trigger to a FHX-8CV output and it didn’t work BUT I didn’t use the midi/cv section just the trigger section where I assigned the trigger and accent to note 60.

Either way you’ve definitely helped me think about it in a different way. I’m confident you’ve illuminated where the snag lies.

Yeah, your issue is you are expecting a CV through a gate which will be either 0 or +5v because it fires an accent gate when the velocity is above 96, so it’s going to be on or off regardless of it been a CV expander out. see manual.

‘Acc Trig’ and ‘Acc Gate’ generate both the base trigger/gate and an additional accent trigger/gate,
on the next output up (e.g. if the trigger output is set to 7, the accent will be on 8). The accent fires
when the MIDI note velocity is 96 or more.

You could still use the Trigger Gate as is, but use a midi/cv with just the velocity ticked for an specific drum like the kick. Would be nice to have the velocity in the Trigger options though.

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Makes all the sense in the world. Glad I asked the community. Thanks for everyones help!