Dreadbox typhon sequencer play/stop

Hi all.Anyone here with a pyramid and a dreadbox typhon know a way to stop the sequencer or avoid just the note or gate… .
I 'd like a cc message that can do that at a certain time(end of pattern or track).
Is it possible that editing the sequence is the only way?

is this a pyramid question or typhoon?

if its about the pyramid, you can control the pyramid via pyramidi , or using standard midi transport control

if its a more general question about the typhoon, you might be better asking in dreadbox forum, or a forum with more dreadbox users (just to hit a larger user base) - also of course, check its manual… usually they list all midi messages they respond to.

generally, you’d expect it to support midi transport messages, if that is the case…

then no, the pyramid cannot send a start/stop transport message ‘per track’, it can only send it when its transport is being started/stopped… so not arbitrarily.
(this would be kind of an abuse to the midi standard)

in that scenario, you’d have to use some kind of midi processor to convert another midi message (e.g CC) into a transport start/stop.
something like a Rokit smart cable, Bomebox, blokas midi hub, or use an Arduino.

(sorry, I don’t know what you mean about avoid note/gate… you can mute tracks on the pyramid)


You need to turn off the internal clock on the Typhon (settings > global > clock), the the machine will play the notes from the Pyramid only.

I just push the play button on the Typhon and the transport turns off. Push it again and it’s back on. Quite convenient.

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