Doubling track length?

Any way we could see a firmware update that would allow track lengths for 15 minute + songs? Importing midi files for songs over 9 minutes hits the limit for what the pyramid can handle when importing .mid files.

is # bars your issue?
if its number of events (10,000) then thats unlikely to change, Squarp have already said they have optimised it.

generally this is not the place to raise feature requests,
all feature requests should be made via Squarp’s contact form

Yes. Bars.

Thanks for the response, I submitted to Squarp. I guess my only workaround would be to make two separate tracks and then sequence them, although I have found that to be problematic, and not workflow friendly. I’m up for any suggestions.

The pyramid is a not really a midi file player, so I can imagine you running into limits with long midi files. If that is the main thing about your workflow, I’d look at other options to play those files outside the pyramid.

However, there’s plenty of ways to get creative and create really long songs, if you utilize the full potential of seq mode, patterns, etc… And if thats not enough, I guess dirtier tricks like using weird bpm and time signatures. But this is only useful if you compose on the pyramid itself.

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Yeah, Pyramid’s strength is not in big numbers and I’d say the interface doesn’t really scale to editing a track hundreds of bars long. “The Pyramid thing” is more about constructing variety out of smaller elements using creative combinations, effects and all.

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