Doubled definitions files appears

I have some definition files on my SD card. And two synths appear twice in pyramid with different assignments, of which only one is correct. And there is only the right def file on the SD card. The two wrong ones are old files, but I deleted them from the SD card.

What can i do? Seems to be a cache problem?

What operating system are you on?

Did you properly “eject” the card on your OS ?
More often than not, deletions, copy, etc., are not fully completed until the sd card is properly ejected.

3.23 its up to date

what do you mean with eject? on my laptop? yes, there is all deleted.

Actually, my first guess is that it is PC shadow cruft that isn’t visible because of your OS’s settings… It’s a totally wild guess… Hence my question what OS are you on? My terminology if I was asking for the Pyramid’s firmware would be “What firmware are you using on your Pyramid”. It wouldn’t be a very helpful thing for me to ask as I know very little (read nothing) about Pyramid’s firmware… or… what it will absolutely show or not…

But by asking what OS you were on… I could eventually rule out… Shadow cruft… MacOS in particular creates files prepended with I believe “._FileName.ext” .

But like I said… wild guess used only as a diagnostic question.

ah okay, its a Mac Powerbook with Catalina

Sweet, my next diagnostic step would be to ask you directly if you have “show hidden files” on or off. My suggestion if “show hidden files” was on or off would be to turn that on; and then delete the files there starting with ._ and ending with the file name… and then to see if that removed the duplicate files on the Pyramid…

I’d like to say I’m confident that this is the issue but I’m not. I do believe however it’s necessary to remove the possible options in order to work through to what it absolutely is or is not.

These files in case you did not know; have to do with whether MacOS believes something is deleted on removable media and in this case aren’t vital.