Double pattern length function


I’m sorry if this is mentioned here or in the manual, but I couldn’t find it already. I was wondering if it’s possible to double the pattern in length including all notes. The Push 2 and NI Maschine have dedicated buttons for this and I use them a lot. I know you can change the pattern length, but this doesn’t copy the notes.

Thanks, Ronald.

I guess I already found the solution. I was looking at Patterns but found the answer in Step mode. Kind of obvious :blush:

Hold 2ND + [+] or [-] to duplicate/divide the pattern along with its events.

Typical RTFM situation

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I don’t believe so, though it’s a relatively simple task to copy/paste the entire pattern after you double it.

Relatedly, one feature the Polyend Tracker has that I’d love to see is the ability to double the track length by adding empty steps in between the existing steps.


That seems like an awesome idea. Instead of “duplicate” doubling, you’re doing “half time” doubling. I like it! Email squarp and ask them for it!

That would be cool to have.
It would compensate with the fact that you can not change playback speed of the paterns like in other sequencers. (At least it can be changed per track currently)

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I can see how I might use both approaches. Hapax should support both! :smiley: :smiley:

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It’s a couple of steps but can you do this by setting the track elasticity to 50% and selecting all notes to reduce length?

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But that is per track not per pattern.