Does Pyramid send midi clock when stopped?

I’m thinking of getting a Pyramid but a deal breaker for me is no midi clock when stopped. I have a few synths that misbehave with DAWs that don’t send clock on stop (Ableton and Logic). Bitwig and my Cirklon do and they cured all my sync startup woes. Plus all your synth arps still work when the sequencer isn’t running which I love.
If any of you guys own a Prophet Rev2 the bpm indicator will always remain on if the Pyramid plays nice. It will turn blank when you press stop if the Pyramid doesn’t send tempo on stop. That will be a no go for me.

It’s configurable. See “sync stop” and “sync load” in Pyramid Manual | Squarp instruments


That’s great. Thanks. I’m looking forward to getting one now. :grin: My Korg Prologue is a nightmare when it doesn’t have a permanent clock.


Kudos to Squarp for doing a PROPER midi clock implementation!

Way to many manufacturers totally fail to do so :frowning:

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in fairness its not mandatory in the midi spec (1.0)
(so like many things in midi we get slightly different interpretations about best way to do things)

note the MAY, other parts of the spec similarly says its optional.

Its nice that Pyramid has both options - just wish the Hermod did too :wink:

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Depending on which year of the spec however, the texts show it as recommended.

And yeah, it’s good that squarp listened to users in the beginning offering a lot of midi settings

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