Does Pyramid Have All Notes Off Feature?

how to send “all notes off”? CC 123 doesn’t appear on pyramid?

isn’t there something simple built in, like hit the stop button twice and it does this globally?

I’d rather have a simple keystroke command on the device than have to program a CC 123.

I used to have a great rackmount MIDI switcher that had a big red ‘PANIC’ button that sent all notes off and reset everything on every out channel on the device, including volume, pitch bend, mod wheel and things like that. Would be great to have a feature like this with Pyramid. I’m also having problems with hanging pitch bends, volume commands, things of that nature.

Actually a double press on the stop button transmit a “all notes off” message
and a triple press transmit a “All sound off” message

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I try the double ‘stop’ button a lot and triple or quadruple ‘stop’ buttons and nothing changes.

so maybe the problem comes from your synths which filter this information in input
or maybe a MIDI interface (placed between the Pyramid and your devices) which filter these MIDI messages?

you can check the messages that come in and out of your Pyramid in the settings

2ND+settings / INFO /> turn the encoder to the right until you see the “MIDI OUT screens” (A, B and USB)
double-press the STOP pad
you should see a “ALL note OFF” message send on every channel

Hope this helps


thank you. I’m realizing now it’s the one older rack mount synth that’s having the problems not responding to the double stop all notes off command.

it’s a 1990 era E-mu Proteus One rack mount module having problems with the hanging notes, volume commands and pitch bends. based on that it doesn’t sound super awesome and didn’t cost me that much I’m not going to take it out to live shows.