Does Hermod Send MIDI Clock Data Even When Stopped?

Hey everyone!

New Hermod owner here, and I was wondering if the Hermod sends clock data over MIDI even when playback is stopped. I currently have my Hermod connected via the MIDI In/Out ports into my Motu micro express. As soon as Hermod boots up it starts sending out a steady stream of realtime clock data. The only way to stop this is to change the clock to an external clock, or set it to Int No clock, or just filter out the realtime data using Motu Clockworks.

Is this how Hermod is supposed to behave, or do I have some kind of MIDI feedback loop going on?

Mine also does that, so I assume it’s the hermod correct behavior always sending midi clock

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Thanks for your help, good to know it’s working as intended and not something weird going on with the module, or my midi system!

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