Does anybody want a Track/Pattern/Seq exchange feature?

I mentioned this in another post but want to know what the community desire is for this feature to speed up our work flow, tbh I’m surprised it’s not a feature.

I wish there was a track/pattern/sequence exchange feature like on the RS7000 so we could quickly switch data between tracks/patterns/sequences w/o having to do the copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste & delete finger dance just to switch a pattern or track around.

So if u got Pattern 1 & P2 but want to switch the location of them quickly we could just hold copy & press P1 then press P2. Simple! (I hope).

It would be cool if it could work for exchanging different patterns in different tracks.
Holding copy plus the pattern would act as saving it to a temporary clipboard until u move to the track u want to exchange with.

So in this case u got Track1A-Pattern1 or t1a-p1 & want to exchange it with t2a-p2 u just hold copy (while on track 1a) & press pattern 1 then move to t2a & press p2.

The same principle can be applied for exchanging tracks & as well as seqs. I’ll make a request.



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